911 Services

The City of Hunters Creek Village is served by:

Village Fire Department  –  www.VillageFire.org


901 Corbindale, Phone:  713.468.7941

The Village Fire Department is shared with  Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Village, Hilshire Village, and Spring Valley.  The Fire Department also provides ambulance service (Dial 9-1-1).

Police Department

Police services for the city of Hunters Creek Village are provided by:

Memorial Villages Police Department  –  www.MVPDTX.org

11981 Memorial Drive, Phone:  713.365.3700

The Police Department is shared with Piney Point Village and Bunker Hill Village.


 An Important Message from the Office of the Chief of Police:

“When using a cell phone for Emergency 911 calls, residents need to be aware that the call may not be routed to the intended 911 Dispatch Center. Cellular calls usually go to the closest cell tower. If that tower is located in Houston, there is a good chance the 911 call will be answered by Houston 911 and could cause a delay of several minutes in the proper public safety response.

The MVPD recommends ALL RESIDENTS to program into their CELL phones the 911 Dispatch NON-Emergency number…713-365-3700. When in the jurisdiction of Memorial Villages, always try to use the NON-Emergency number when using CELL phones. When outside Memorial Villages, use 911.

When residents are at home and using a land line telephone, the 911 will go directly to the MVPD dispatch.

Technology in the cellular industry has not caught up with the fact that more people are beginning to discontinue using land lines at home. This is not an issue occurring only in Houston. It is a challenge nationwide where there are more than one 911 Emergency Centers in close proximity.

We will continue with this advice to our residents until such time technology finally catches up, but that could be years.”

Register to Receive Community Alerts Directly From the Memorial Villages Police DepartmentV-LINC 


Spring Branch ISD Police Department    Spring Valley Police Department