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Directions to Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is located in the Hunters Creek Village City Hall near the intersection of Beinhorn and Brogden Roads. Exit the Katy Freeway at Bingle/Voss, go south on Voss Road to Beinhorn Road, (first traffic light) and turn right. Go to Brogden Road (first stop sign) and turn right. Go to the second driveway on the right and turn into the parking lot at City Hall.

Court office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Court appearance dates and times are as indicated on citations. The court-room doors will open one half hour before court.

Location Map

Court Personnel

Presiding Judge Gary Maddox

Associate Judge Sherry Applewhite

Associate Judge Brad DeLuca

Associate Judge Wade Whilden

Prosecutor Tim Kirwin

Citation Information

Fines and court costs may be paid by mail or in person on or before a scheduled appearance. Payments made by mail can be made in the form of a personal check, money order or cashier's check. Payments made in person may be made in the form of cash, personal check, money order, cashier's check, MasterCard or Visa. Payments can also be made on-line at, or you can call 1-800-444-1187.

Persons charged with a moving violation resulting in an accident must appear, and persons sixteen years of age or younger must appear in court with one or both parents.

A second or subsequent conviction of an offense under the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act will result in the suspension of your driver's license and motor vehicle registration unless you file and maintain proof of financial responsibility with the Department of Public Safety for two years from the date of convictions. The Department may waive the requirement to file proof of financial responsibility if you file satisfactory evidence with the department showing that at the time this citation was issued, the vehicle was covered by a liability insurance policy or that you were otherwise exempt from the requirements to provide evidence of financial responsibility.

Failure to appear in court, as provided by law, for the presentation of the offense, may result in denial of driver's license renewal and a warrant of arrest will be issued.

Court Appearances

Arraignments and Trials begin promptly at the time indicated on the citation. The Presiding Judge will address the court and give instructions. Please be sure to turn off all beepers and telephones before entering the courtroom. Handguns are not allowed in the building that houses the courtroom.

Persons who have been charged, may enter their plea on the charge in one of three ways:

  • Guilty. Pay fine and costs.
  • Not Guilty. You are requesting a trial. You must see the prosecutor before leaving the building to get a trial date and time.
  • No Contendre. (no contest). You have opted to not contest the charge and the punishment is at the discretion of the court.

Persons charged with the following:

  • Expired Inspection, Registration, Drivers License
  • Fail to Display Drivers License
  • Fail to Report Address Change or Name
  • Operate Vehicle with Defective Equipment (does not apply to Commercial Motor Vehicle)
  • Operate Vehicle without License Plates or with One Plate
  • Display Altered, Unclean, or Obscured License Plate
  • Violate Driver's License Restriction or Endorsement (Must correct before coming to court)

These charges can be dismissed before court appearance with the court clerk or with the Judge providing that they are done so within "20 working days after the date of the offense or before the defendant's first court appearance, whichever is later. There is a dismissal fee of not less than $10 nor greater than $20, based on the Transportation Code Statue dealing with that specific charge. This fee must be paid immediately to the clerk at the time of dismissal.

If you have been charged with failure to provide proof of financial responsibility and you did have insurance or it's equivalent on the day you received the citation, show the proof to the court. If it is correct, that case will be dismissed. There is no administrative fee for financial responsibility.

Bring money to court with you. Payment of fines are expected on the court date.

Driving Safety Courses

You may be able to request that a moving violation be dismissed by taking a driving safety course. In order to be eligible for the driving safety course, you must:

  • Have a valid Texas operator's license.
  • Have liability insurance or other proof of financial responsibility.
  • You may not have had a driving safety course taken for ticket dismissal within one year of your court appearance or be presently authorized to take a driving safety course by another court.
  • If you are charged with speeding 25 miles or more over the posted limit, you are not eligible for a driving safety course.
  • If you have a commercial driver's license, you are not eligible for a "DSC."
  • If you are charged with a moving violation in a construction zone and workers are present, you are not eligible for DSC or Deferred Disposition.

However, you will lose the right to take a driving safety course if you do not provide notice to the court in writing on or before the appearance date shown on the citation. The combined court costs and administrative fee of $107.00, driver's license for identification and evidence of financial responsibility shall be submitted along with a signed request to take a driving safety course in order to obtain permission of the court. Once the request has been received and accepted, you will have 90 days in order to complete the course and turn in all necessary paperwork. Further instructions are given at the time the request is made.

Failure to appear in court, as provided by law, for the presentation of the offense, may result in denial of driver's license renewal and a warrant of arrest will be issued.